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Atlas can now Parkour! Whats next?

Now it can parkour! New huge leaps in the development of Atlas Looking at these new capabilities it is just amazing. You don’t have to go many years back in […]

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Watch hilarious meeting between Will Smith and Sophia

Will Smith tries online dating with Sophia Sophia is a social humanoid robot and she has made many public appearances. Company Hanson Robotics has developed her. RobotNews will follow Sophias […]

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How excited are you about the upcoming Bumblebee movie?

Hitting theaters on December 2018! The movie is based twenty years before the original transformer movies. We get a chance to get a origin story for the yellow autobot. Tell […]

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Boston Dynamics will start selling it’s robot dog 2019

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Amazon has a “top secret” plan to put robots to our homes in 2019

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Fifa World cup 2018 has started so time to tell you about RoboCup

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Robots are starting to build our houses