Telexistence Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO Jin Tomioka, / CTO Charith Fernando; hereinafter TX Inc.) has developed a mass production prototype for MODEL H, that uses remote control technologies utilizing the Telexistence® technology, VR, telecommunication, cloud and haptics.

In the current robot industry, FA robots occupy a large market share. However, we have a clear vision to create new markets that utilize the Telexistence® technology, VR, telecommunication, cloud, haptics and AI and to pass down businesses and technologies that would become assets for the next generation. Augmentation of human capabilities and presentation of new connectivity are indispensable for dramatic improvement of human life and sophistication of industries.

Features of MODEL H

With commercialization in mind, MODEL H has improved ease of use and durability, shortened boot time and startup time, sophisticated design, proprietary cloud infrastructure and will be mobile and internet-ready.

The main specific features are as follows.

Cockpit side (operation side)
・Control computer, infrared 3D location measurement, VR and haptic device in portable case, made significantly compact.
・Modularization of haptic presentation device and improvement of UI / UX

Robot side
・Low-latency audiovisual / haptic transmission using the internet
・Mechanical design optimized for mass production
・Exterior design assuming commercialization
・Wheel-enabled mobility to experience moving around remote places
・Significant increase in portable weight

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