Say hello to aibo! Man’s new best robot friend

Aibo (Artificial Intelligence robot) name comes from the japanese word aibō, that means “partner” in English. Aibo basically is a robot dog made by Sony. Of course the bigger vision is that aibo is your real friend and you start to create a emotional bond with it, like you would with a real pet. Aibo has a long development history and actually the first version was created in the year 1999. The newest model was launched January 2018.

Well what does aibo do then? Aibo is able to walk, “look” with the help of a camera, identify spoken instructions, and learn and work with other Aibos. Newest model even supports cloud learning. Aibo has many features and one example is that it likes if you pet it from it’s touch sensitive areas. The cool part is that it even learns that who pets it the most. It has likes and dislikes for example it hates heights and tight places. Robot pets are definitely coming to our homes for our entertainment.

If you are interested more about aibo, visit:

If you know that you want it. Get it from Ebay


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