Boston Dynamics announced that SpotMini will go on sale at 2019

Boston Dynamics is probably the best known for project Atlas. Now they are bringing their first big product to the consumer markets. Boston Dynamics has put a lot of effort of making a robot that resembles a real dog in its movements and behavior.  Sony had a more “robot dog is the man’s new best friend” view with Aibo. At first Boston Dynamics will sell the headless version.

We know something about SpotMini. It weighs 30kg  and it has autonomous navigation but it can be also driven manually. It can operate up to 90 minutes between charges. It has a lot of cameras that help it to navigate easier.

Below we can see a video that showed amazing technology behind SpotMini. It can really adapt well in different situations. Also I have to say that I started to feel sorry for the robot while watching the robot. I know that it doesn’t feel but still I felt sadness and anger. That just shows how life like SpotMini really is.

At this point we dont know the price for SpotMini. Follow us to find out!

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